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Vol 3, No 1S (2022) Сhest MRI in identifying signs of COVID-19 pneumonia PDF
Panina O.Y., Nikitenko I.R., Vasilev Y.A., Akhmad E.S.
Vol 3, No 1S (2022) The use of telemedicine technologies in monitoring and supporting of nephrological patients PDF
Dorofeeva E.G., Vinogradov V.E., Berdinsky V.A.
Vol 3, No 1S (2022) Artificial intelligence for bone mineral density assessment: general population data PDF
Shelepa A.A., Petraikin A.V., Artyukova Z.R., Abuladze L.R., Kudryavtsev N.D., Ahmad E.S., Semenov D.S., Zakharov A.A., Belyaev M.G.
Vol 3, No 1S (2022) Artificial intelligence approaches in histology PDF
Yasnov A.O., Remez A.I., Mayer A.O.
Vol 3, No 1S (2022) Thesaurus of radiology terms for preparing reports using speech recognition technology PDF
Andrianova M.G., Kudryavtsev N.D., Petraikin A.V.
Vol 3, No 1S (2022) Low-dose computed tomography for the diagnosis of COVID-19 PDF
Rumyantsev D.A., Blokhin I.A., Gonchar A.P., Gombolevsky V.A., Reshetnkov R.V.
Vol 3, No 1S (2022) Determination of the diagnostic efficiency of contrast-enhanced ultrasound in the diagnosis of liver metastases of colorectal cancer PDF
Kozubova K.V., Busko E.A., Bagnenko S.S., Kostromina E.V., Kadyrleev R.A., Kurganskaya I.K., Shevkunov L.N.
Vol 3, No 1S (2022) The application of MR morphometry of the brain in patients with spastic forms of cerebral palsy in order to determine the predictors of the diagnosis of cerebral palsy and the presence of a unilateral form PDF
Kliuev E.A., Sheiko G.E., Sharabrin E.G.
Vol 3, No 1S (2022) Application of radiomics and morphometric analysis in estimation of collateral flow based on CTA of ischemic stroke patients PDF
Zagriazkina T.A., Dolotova D.D., Blagosklonova E.R., Arkhipov I.V., Ramazanov G.R., Gavrilov A.V.
Vol 3, No 1S (2022) Magnetic resonance imaging for aortic wall stiffness PDF
Bril K.R., Khovrin V.V.
Vol 3, No 1S (2022) Does aggregating results of AI system for mammography with ML meta-model improve quality of malignancy detection? PDF
Nikitin E.D.
Vol 3, No 1S (2022) Forecasting the incidence of COVID-19 in Moscow: comparison of time series models PDF
Solov’yev A.V., Kodenko M.R., Reshetnikov R.V., Sukhikh T.D., Mukhortova A.N., Blokhin I.A., Gonchar A.P., Leonov D.V., Abramova I.V., Omelyanskaya O.V.
Vol 3, No 1S (2022) Modification of quality assessment tool for artificial intelligence diagnostic test accuracy studies (QUADAS-CAD) PDF
Kodenko M.R., Reshetnikov R.V., Makarova T.A.
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